BaaySCI is planning to break the limits when it comes to bulk ordering lab supplies. That’s our strategy because we know that no matter where your lab is, we can schedule your order to arrive on time and on a regular schedule as needed.

We work with a stocking distributor that has our product already packaged and ready to go. Let us know what products you need and we will be talking with you in no time at all.

Start streamlining your orders with a planned out schedule. We will deliver weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or every six months your bulk order of lab supplies.

Together we will break the limits on what is possible for labware distribution.

BaaySCI offers labware and equipment designed for everyday research. Our products are the tried-and-true items scientists and researchers depend on, delivered with reliability and simplicity in mind. We understand the importance of the small things, like having affordable solutions at the ready to keep your lab going. You can count on our products to be available, durable, and affordable.