BaaySCI 5mL MacroTubes® – 5mL ScrewCap MacroTube®, Sterile


5mL ScrewCap MacroTube®, Sterile

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BaaySCI’s 5mL Screw-Cap MacroTubes™ take all of the conveniences of standard 15mL conical tubes and scales them down for space efficiency and decreased natural resource consumption. Useful from -86°C to 110°C, these tubes are a valuable resource for boiling and for sample preservation at very low temperatures. Choose from gamma sterilized racked packaging with attached caps or non-sterile bulk packaging with separate caps. The foam racks are similar to the packaging normally associated with 15mL tubes (upright with caps attached), but they require about 60% less storage space.
• Compatible with standard equipment
• Centrifuge at up to 25,000xg
• RNase, DNase & pyrogen free
• Unsurpassed Clarity
• Dual graduations at every 0.2mL and 0.5mL

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