BaaySCI BetterBox™ Microtube Storage Boxes – Cryobox, PP, 81-place


Cryobox, PP, 81-place

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BaaySCI’s BetterBox™ is an all new autoclavable polypropylene storage box, exclusively designed to hold 81 x 1.5mL or 2.0mL microtubes neatly and securely in nine rows of nine tubes (snap cap or screw cap tubes fit equally well). The lid cannot become separated or lost thanks to the sturdy hinge and locking clasp. A frosted marking spot is molded into the front edge and the top surface. Available in a rainbow pack of five colors with clear lids and bases, the actual tube rack (colored middle layer) can be snapped out, allowing the base to be easily filled with crushed ice or liquid. The BetterBox is made of autoclavable virgin polypropylene and is freezable to -80° C. The special corner feet are designed to mate with the four grooves in the top of the lid making them interlock and exceptionally easy to stack and transport.
Dimensions: 150 x 160 x 54mm (W x L x H).

• Organized and secure storage
• 81-place for 1.5mL microtubes
• Black, alphanumeric identification
• Removeable insert – accepts crushed ice

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