BaaySCI LoadWell™ Gel Loading Pipet Tip – Gel Loading Pipet Tip, 200ul, 960/pk


Gel Loading Pipet Tip, 200ul, 960/pk

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LoadWell™ Gel Loading Tips have a 0.7mm outer diameter microcapillary orifice, ideal for introducing samples into gel electrophoresis wells. Designed to fit all standard 200µL pipettes (as well as 20µL, 50µL and 100µL pipettes), they are supplied sterile (e-beam), and packaged in autoclavable racks of 96 tips. Produced from virgin, medical grade polypropylene, they are RNase, DNase, endotoxin, and pyrogen free.
• Narrow diameter, flexible capillary
• Universal fir for standard pipettors
• E-beam sterilized
• Free of RNase, DNase, and Pyrogens
• Convenient rack packaging

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