BaaySCI Pipette Tips – Pipette tips, 300µL, filtered

Pipette tips, 300µL, filtered

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These tips are designed to fit BaaySCI’s’s exclusive 300µL single channel ProPette™ LE as well as most popular multi-channel pipettes. Many researchers have recognized the need for an accurate pipette for volumes above 200µL, which is a range that is not well served by traditional 1mL pipettes. The unique 300µL ProPette™ LE and pipette tips close the gap and permit accurate and convenient pipetting, especially in the 200-300µL range. These tips also fit most popular 300µL multi-channel pipettes and are supplied pre-sterilized in 96 position racks, filtered or non-filtered.

• For 300µL pipettes
• Also fits most 200µL pipettes
• Filtered or non-filtered
• Pre-sterilized
• Autoclavable box-rack

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