BaaySCI Replacement Cartridge for Label Printers – 18mm lab tape, white w/ black print


18mm lab tape, white w/ black print

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The new LABeler™ Lab Printer provides the convenience of a lab pen with the benefits of a large desktop printer. Simply type in the desired copy using the 50+ button key pad and press the print key… within seconds your label can be cut by pressing the cut lever and is then ready for application. With over 15 available sizes, colors & material combinations, the LABeler is ideal for label identification of any laboratory vessel for nearly any laboratory application. Standard label tapes can be autoclaved, boiled or even frozen to temperatures as low as -50°C. Special Ultra-Low label tapes are also available for storage in -80°C environments or for liquid nitrogen applications.

• Lightweight, handheld operation
• Variety of label tapes for many tube sizes
• Built in cutter – no need for scissors
• Prints a variety of barcodes
• “Ultra-Low” tape for liquid nitrogen storage

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