BaaySCI Stop-Pop™ CapLock – Microtube locking cap clips


Microtube locking cap clips

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BaaySCI’s SureSeal S™ microcentrifuge tubes are designed for a broad range of research applications, including enzyme digests, DNA isolation/purification, centrifugation, incubation, and general sample/reagent storage.

SureSeal S tubes are manufactured under clean room conditions, using only BioClear™ co-polymer, an advanced polypropylene that maximizes clarity, centrifugal strength (tested up to 28,000xg) and the usable temperature range (-90°C to +121°C).

The oversized tube cap (with frosted marking surface), combined with the unique ring & groove closure, enhances the security of the liquid-tight seal, while minimizing the required locking forces for a more ergonomic opening/closing of the tube caps.

All SureSeal S tubes are RNase, DNase and pyrogen free.

Sterile comes standard – by electron beam radiation

Self-Standing bag – with gusseted bottom

Stop-Pops™ supplied – 10 cap locks in every bag

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