BaaySCI Two Component PCR Plates – PC/PP PCR plate, full skirt, wht well


PC/PP PCR plate, full skirt, wht well

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SureFrame™ plates are made with a special two material process that creates an ultra-rigid polycarbonate frame, while maintaining the favorable thermal transfer characteristics of polypropylene tube wells. This ultra-rigid frame is not only ideal for all automated platforms and plate grippers, but also increases the unifomity of your expirements. Traditional one material plates have been shown to warp inside thermal cyclers. This warping of the plates causes increased evaporation in the outter wells of the plate, leading to inconsisten amplification across wells. SureFrame’s polycarbonate frame eliminates warping, for completely uniform results.
• Two material design for increased rigidity
• Ideal for automated platforms
• Reduces evaporation
• Certified for PCR

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