BaaySCI Weigh Boats – Weigh Boat, white, 100ml, 100 x 125mm


Weigh Boat, white, 100ml, 100 x 125mm

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BaaySCI Weigh Boats are made of antistatic polystyrene and will withstand temperatures to 90˚C, as well as exposure to diluted acids, alcohols, bases and aqueous solutions. Their flexibility and smooth interior surfaces with rounded corners allow for easy decanting of powdered samples. Their flat bottoms ensure stability and prevent tipping.

Weigh Boats are available in the traditional square shape as well as in a new diamond shape for easier pouring. Originally designed as weighing containers, they have proven ideal for dispensing & storage and as disposable mixing/quick freezing trays. They are available in black or white for improved sample contrast/visibility and packaged in ultra-compact dispenser packs.

Available in diamond or square shape.

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