BaaySCI IceRacks – Ice Rack™ for 72 × 1.5mL tubes, 6/cs


Ice Rack™ for 72 × 1.5mL tubes, 6/cs

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These new tube boxes have a removable white tube tray that can be kept filled with crushed ice or other temperature controlling materials. They also have a translucent cover. Temperature sensitive samples and assays in microtubes can be processed with an extra degree of temperature stability. Suitable for use with screw cap or snap cap microtubes from 0.5mL to 1.5/2.0mL Supplied 6 boxes per pack.

• Designed for crushed Ice
• Polypropylene, -80°C to 135°C
• Detachable “lift-off” lids
• Economical
• For screw cap and snap cap tubes

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